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Single tenant investments

Finance, Investments, Tenant InvestmentSingle tenant homes are more like “buy to let” mortgages. A property owner buys a property and then puts it on rent till the day the property escalates to a lavish premium. On such a day he can choose to sell the property. This leads to a premium earning on sale as well as monthly revenue benefits through rent. Rental income can be used as an aid for monthly mortgage payments.

Single tenant deals can be chosen from a variety of dealers, brokers and institutions. These provide the very best of property listing. Today, you can

also use Internet to avail the latest offers. The classifieds let you compare and contrast prices so that you can make a perfect choice. The lending institutions tell you all about the interest rates, mortgage structure and initial lump sum payment. They also put you through the details of closing costs. These might include deeds of home; broker’s cut among other things.