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Income tax rules for beginners

Income tax rules, Income tax Income tax may be a very confusing matter if you are new to the subject. It has lots of things that you should keep in mind. There are many deductions and exceptions that are made from a person’s income. One of the most important things that you should remember while calculating tax is that the person should be a resident of that country.

The person should be present in the country for a minimum of 330 days during the year. If this condition is not fulfilled then a certain form has to be filled that is form 2555. If the person has any foreign income then the exclusion will be set off at $91,500. This will give the person a deduction of $91,500 for that calendar year. If the person has any house that is located outside the country then he will get a minimum deduction of $14,640. These are the few things that you should keep in mind while you first start with the income tax rules.

Is paying personal income tax essential

Personal income tax refers to the tax that you pay to the government from what you earn. This kind of tax is paid solely on the basis of your earnings and may increase or decrease, depending on your income. Payment of personal income tax is mostly essential in most countries and avoiding it is considered a crime.

You can receive a refund in the personal income tax if you have paid more then required. These refunds are paid by the government. Those who have not paid are considered as the tax payers and if they miss the dead for the payment they might have to pay a fine.
However if you do not earn enough to pay taxes then you are probably exempted from paying personal income tax. But you will have to pay once your income goes up.

You should always pay your taxes on time as this money is used by the government for the overall development of the country. All social work, buildings and other services for the citizens are carried out with this money.

Tips to minimize taxes

Do you want to minimize your income tax? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative you have to understand that you should always adhere to legal methods to lower your income tax. Lowering of income tax is known as tax avoidance. One of the best ways to lower you income tax is exemption. It basically means automatic lower of taxable income. IRS gives this exemption to encourage good tax behavior. The commonest tax exemption is given to dependents.

A tax credit is also a very good way to minimize your income tax. Instead of reducing your taxable income, tax credit lowers the actual tax liability. The most common kind of tax credit is for adopting or supporting children. If you are above 24 and have a job with low to medium income, you are eligible to get earned income credit. You can also find ways to reduce your inheritance tax, investment tax, estate tax and self employment tax.

The IRS Wash Sale Rule


When you are going through a good run in the stock market you have to pay a high tax bill. Sometimes people will sell some of their stocks to get losses to avoid high tax costs by the IRS. However, this is prohibited by the IRS. This means you are prohibited from taking a loss 30 days before or after the sale or after the sale of your shares. In addition, during this period you cannot buy securities and stocks that are identical.

However, when you buy the stocks after or before the 31 days then the wash rule does not come into effect. You can able able to deduct the loss. It’s important to note that the walls sales even though they are not illegal they do not guarantee immediate tax cuts. When you are about to make a sale for your stock is advisable that you have a strategy if you are selling for a loss.

Discover the misconceptions on tax-deferred investments

Finance, Investment, Tax Deferred Investment,You never get to avoid taxes completely. Yes, at best you can pay them on a later day. We are talking about the tax deferred or the tax postponed schemes. For instance, IRA and 401K is a scheme that asks retirees to put in their money without the fear of taxes. Taxes are levied at the time of withdrawal.

People feel that they have been given a great deal. What they do not understand is that between the time of depositing and withdrawing money, the tax calculation formula may get denser. Higher economic crisis can subject you to a greater tax cut. This might also affect your tax bracket.

Taxing the seed is any day better than taxing the harvest. What do you think? This makes tax advantaged plans better than tax-deferred plans. With the tax-advantaged plans you already know what you have lost by the time you are ready to enjoy the harvest fully.

Tax Help for Small Business Owners

Tax & BusinessSmall business owners are probably the group of individuals who desire to make the most out of tax benefits. The deductions in tax, allow them to keep more of their earnings.

First and foremost, it brings about a reduction in the taxable income and do not bring about any direct reduction in federal taxes. They also get the opportunity to expense or depreciate the cash disbursements. Real estate also brings about a bountiful tax reduction for small business owners. It also offers a careful review of the schedule of your fixed assets.