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Filing for bankruptcy- making the tough choice

File for bankruptcy, bankruptcyThere are times in life when one has to make some tough choices. If you are having a lot of financial problems lately and you are unable to repay loans, and if every other option seems closed, then it’s probably a good time to file for bankruptcy. Over a million people file for bankruptcy every year in the United States.

Therefore, it’s not something where you are alone. Filing for bankruptcy is a good idea in such situations because it means that you can stop struggling and start afresh. You might need to go in for credit counseling before you file for bankruptcy. The next step would be to hire a lawyer. He or she can guide you in the right manner to go on about it. Therefore, whatever the situation is, if you feel that you are running the worst times in the monetary sense and your lawyer thinks that filing for bankruptcy is the best way to make this stop, then, you should go for it.

How to file for bankruptcy

Tips to file for Bankruptcy, BankruptcyThe basic requirement while filing for bankruptcy is to know in which chapter you want to file it in. First you have to take the chapter 7 means test and if you do not qualify in that, then you have to go by chapter 13. The process of filing for bankruptcy is a little complex, but with a little research you can get to understand the basic requirements.

After of the completion of the chapter 7 means test, the thing that should be done is deciding the method by which you would want to file for bankruptcy. This you can do it yourself by the free online forms, or hire a bankruptcy attorney or you can also hire a bankruptcy petition preparation survive. If you have a large number of assets that you want to save, then it is advisable to hire a bankruptcy attorney. After getting this sorted out, it is very necessary to minutely scrutinize and list all payments and bank account details up to date.

Structure of the bankruptcy law in US

Bankruptcy is the inability of individuals to pay off the debt to their creditors. In US, the bankruptcy laws are properly renewed in time to protect the interest of public. the main two goals of the bankruptcy includes providing fair treatment for the creditors and give a better start to the consumers and business debtors who are involved in the processes of bankruptcy. There is a federal law governing everything about bankruptcy in US though the Congress has preferred to give away this to the State law. This law is composed of various chapters and the chapters stand for different proceedings that are to be followed based on the type of the bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy law in US

When the debtors fail to pay back their investors, a bankruptcy situation emerges. In US, the bankruptcy is governed and controlled by bankruptcy laws. There have been changes in these laws with time. The most recent update to the law happened in the year 2005. This law was called the bankruptcy abuse prevention and consumer protection act. There are three main considerations where the renewal of law has been performed.

Individuals must attend the credit counseling section called as ticket in, six months before they apply for bankruptcy. There are means tests which compare your skill to evaluate your ability to pay back the unsecured debt. Before finalizing your bankruptcy, an approved provider will give you education on how to deal with bankruptcy and you have to attend this.