Cheap auto insurance is not impossible for young drivers

Cheap auto insuranceYoung drivers often complain about increased auto insurance rates. Actually, the teen drivers are usually suspected of rash driving leading to car accidents and hence the higher rates. But there are ways how you can achieve cheap auto insurance despite being a teen driver. The article below shares the secrets of landing up with affordable car insurance rates in your college years.

No flashy cars

Young drivers are often fascinated by flashy cars to flaunt a cool style statement. But if you are looking for a cheap auto insurance pricey cool cars are a strict NO. These cars are more prone to burglary than the usual standard models and hence beget grater auto insurance rates. Thus, go for the sturdy normal cars until you rose and shine enough to afford the higher premiums.

Good academic record

Your high-school/college grades play a major role in deciding your auto insurance rate. Students with good marks usually land up with cheaper insurance premiums. Thus, maintain a commendable academic record when you are in search of inexpensive premiums.

Safety driving course

This is another significant point when you are looking for cheap auto insurance rates. Do you know that safe driving education certificate from a reputed institution can beget you around 15-20 percent discount on auto insurance rates? Actually, when you have taken up a safe driving course and have passed in flying colors, it can be expected that you will sincerely abide by the traffic regulations on road- which implies less accidents on your part & hence lesser claims.

Drive less

You must know that your car insurance rates depend largely on the miles driven annually. The bigger the miles driven higher will be insurance rates. Thus, its better that you count on public transport for your usual daily travel and use the car only for special occasions- like road trips with friends or parties.