Tips to maintain your credit profile

credit profile, Credit CardThere are a few things that you will have to take care of when you are trying to improve your credit profile. First of all, you have to handle the lines of your credit in a very responsible manner. This will require you to make the payments of your credit on time and make sure you pay the full amount every month.

It is also very important that you maintain and abide by the conditions of the agreement of your credit card. You should not try to avoid two accounts of credit cards at one time. This can land you in a lot of problems especially if the rates of interest on your credit card are steep. Use your credit card program only when it is absolutely important. Make sure you do not invest with your credit card over things that you are not really in need of.

Major drawback related with pay day loans

pay day loans, loansWhenever you apply for a payday loan you must be attentive to the agreement which they offer. Normally 10 to 30% are considered to be very high and if you fail to repay the amount on time then the amount of interest may double up. Although pay day loans have quite a few advantages they have some drawbacks too. The first among them is that you will get only 30 days to repay the loan along with the full interest. Of course the whole plan will be there on paper itself but when it comes to repaying the time tends to fly.

Secondly if you have taken a pay day loan from an online lender then you must be careful with it because there are lots of frauds that are going on in the name of online pay day loans. Pay day loans are generally taken when you are in deep trouble and you need money immediately but that will not be considered while paying the money back.

Disadvantages of Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage, mortgageA reverse mortgage is basically a loan which is given to mostly senior citizens and one can keep the house or property as mortgage while taking out the loan. Though there are many advantages of reverse mortgage like going for a long term retirement plan and getting a steady flow of money, in that age, reverse mortgage has its own disadvantages too. Make sure that you have backup if you’re unable to repay the debt in time.

The interest rates for a reverse mortgage loan are higher than most general loans. You could talk to more than one agency and find out the various interest rates that are involved. See if you’re getting any kind of discounts or deals in any. Compare prices, service records and the other options you have. So don’t take any decisions without thinking about the future especially in matters concerning mortgages and loans while you’re a senior citizen.