Understanding PPI refunds

PPI refunds, PPIPPI or payment protection insurance insures an individual from the burden of debt in case of an accident, illness or death of that particular person. It is basically taken when one is borrowing or taking a loan from any bank or financial institution. PPI refunds are a great way to make sure that one does not default on the repayment obligations. It takes away a lot of tension in case of emergencies or mishaps and is something that is recommended to everyone to takes a loan.

PPI refunds are a great way to secure the repayment of outstanding debts. They come into play when one is not in a position to pay back the repayment amount. It makes sure that the loan money is being paid while the person takes some time off till he/she is in a position to start paying back the money in their own.

Performance based marketing explained

Performance based marketing, online marketingPerformance-based marketing is a broader aspect and is extremely customer centric.

It is to spread brand awareness, influencing customers globally, followed by brand utilization and brand building.
There are lots of models on which one can work as an Affiliate or Advertiser. The two primary models are the Cost per Acquisition model, also called Cost per Sale or “CPA” and “CPL”.
Traditional media like television, newspapers, traditional channels etc are on the verge of decline. But the online marketing is relatively healthy. Internet surfing on traditional websites is better. Advanced technologies are more trustworthy and helpful.
Online marketing like email, social networking sites, display are in focus due to advanced marketing, increasing education, reporting and targeting. Online marketing hence is growing.

Although not recession -proof, online Performance based marketing, like social media, traditional sites, display are attracting increasing number of advertisers due to its stable growth than before.