How to pick the best loan options for students?

After stages of entrance tests and documentations you have finally received your call letter from your dream college. Instead of being happy you are now worried. Affording from your own pocket is almost impossible in today’s increasing expensive education system. So why not go for an education loan?

But how would you pick the best loan options for student? Here is the answer. Start searching the internet and visit banks for information on student loans. You will now have to check out on the one that suits your requirement and affordability. The loan must have low interest EMI’s and flexible repayment options. Private loans generally have higher rates. The loan must require minimum or no collateral deposits. You may also go for a reliable co-borrower. Check out the penalties imposed during non repayment and the deferment options.

So forget about your financial crunch and take your education one step further.

Tips to predict the stock market trends

Are you considering investing in stocks? There are many who invest in stocks and make really good money. There are others however who enter the stock market with a lot of enthusiasm but run great losses. So how do you ensure that you are not investing in the wrong stocks? The trick is in right prediction. How is a naïve person to predict something as technical as stock trends?

The tool that you would need to learn to predict stocks is a stock price chart. Arrange to get yourself a chart which includes the stock prices of the last few days. It is believed that stock trends move in a very haphazard way. But this statement is completely untrue. You would be able to ascertain a pattern from the stocks and manage to make a prediction. The Dow Theory of stock prediction delineates something called an up trend and a down trend. Keep your eyes open for these trends.

Things to keep in mind if you are a beginner in investing in stocks

People nowadays have realized that the stock market is such a place where people can make a good amount of money in a short span of time. Earning money in this field involves investment and to invest money, a person has to know certain things about the stock market.

Firstly, you need a portfolio with a certain rate at which you want to invest. There will be various investment planners and stock advisers to advise you. Since you are a beginner, you should always go for small investments and the stocks which suit you best. The total money shouldn’t be invested on a single product.

You should always be prepared if your stock does not rise high and instead keeps falling. You should be capable of handling the loss and if you get a profit then you should decide wisely about yours and your partner’s shares.

A low risk, high returns investment option: gold investment

In the past few years gold has suddenly become the hot metal in the world of investment. The main reason behind this is most probably the sudden big rise in the price of gold. Making a profitable investment in gold can be a bit tricky if you are a novice. But if you hit the right target, then you will gain a lot of return. Find out what are the cheapest ways to buy gold.

There are differences in the cheapest ways to buy gold depending upon the country in which you live. So find out what is applicable to your country. The main 3 points to keep in mind after this are – who will be the buyer? How much gold in quantity should you sell? And is it advisable to sell gold as a whole or in small quantities? Be prudent and plan out a complete strategy for your gold investments. Ask yourself these questions and settle for the answer which will help you get the maximum benefits.

Which is better choice, investing in dollars or silver?

Planning for an effective investment and stuck between the choices of silver versus dollar? Well here are some tips. Firstly, the white metal is a genuine asset with huge supply and an eternal value which can never go down to zero. But investing in bonds or stocks might become worthless when the issuer gets bankrupt.

Dollar investment usually calls for high minimum deposits (like 1000s of dollars) which are a little difficult for the first time investors. But silver investment can be started with even small term payments and thus anybody can try his hand in this lucrative investment. For example you can buy silver bullion with 1, 5 or 10 ounces of the metal and silver is around 20 USD per ounce with at least 1 ounce of entire silver in the silver coins

Then, there is a lack of diversification in case of dollar investment. But investing in silver presents you with varied options like silver coins, bullion, silver ETFs and the metal mining stocks (when a new mining source is found).

What are the merits of trading ETFs?

What is ETFs? The full form of ETFs is Exchange Traded Funds which basically consists of stocks to provide you security. Investors are investing on ETFs as it has good merits like the following:

1. With ETFs you can bet on a group rather than a single stock. With this you maximize your chance of profit as a group may be doing well while the company in it which you were planning to invest on went bonkers.
2. Your chances of facing government inspections is the least as your ETFs is composed of different stocks rather than a particular company which can be targeted.
3. Earnings are announced of companies which can affect stock listing in a great way. But ETFs are the least affected by it. There is no clue as to how it will affect the market, thus making it a good option to invest on.
4. ETFs have great trends which is at time outperforming the major stocks, even the regular ones.