Understanding Capital Gearing and Trading on Equity


Capital gearing refers to the ratio between total capitalization and different kinds of securities. When the ratio between total capitalization and equity is small, an organization is highly geared and when the capital structure is dominated by equity capital, it is considered to be low geared. To calculate capital gearing, the ratio between the total securities and equity capital has to be determined.

Trading on equity refers to an agreement that allows a finance manager to raise funds through the issuance of securities. These securities need to have fixed interest rates but they cannot be more than the company’s average earnings. This is usually done when a company wants to increase returns on its equity shares. For trading on equity, a company will use bonds, preferred stock and even debt to increase the earnings derived from the common stock. If there is an increase in the earnings, this means that the company is successful in trading on equity.

Beat Back Five Financial Fears and Enhance your Personal Finance


One of the most common ones is the fear of not being able to keep up with friends or family in terms of finances. You need to base your financial decisions on your budget and income and not on the things other people have.
Letting a spouse know about the financial situation you are in can also be a fear for some. It is important to let your partner know because this allows the two of you to rectify the situation together.

The fear of losing everything is also very real and this can happen even among the rich. To deal with this, make appropriate financial plans to cushion you against any risks.
The fear of success is also common and can be effectively dealt with by making adequate plans for each stage.
Taking charge of finances can also make you fearful but this can be solved if you face your money problems directly.

Credit Card Security Features worth Opting for


Using your credit card to make purchases is a more secure option compared to others but it is not entirely safe. Credit card related fraud has become very common therefore you need to make sure it has some features that make it safer.

One of the most essential features is a zero liability policy. This feature will ensure lost funds are reimbursed if you report any authorized purchases that are credited to your account. The feature is offered by all the major credit card companies but their coverage usually varies. The stolen money is reimbursed by the card issuer.

A temporary purchase number feature is also worth it if you have a credit card. This allows you to create some virtual numbers to use for every purchase you make especially over the internet. The temporary numbers are connected to the real account but you get to determine the constraints under which they are used.

No Doc Home Equity Loans


If you are looking for a loan that offers more privacy and ensures an easy application process, a no doc home equity loan is a good option. The interest rate is usually higher but this is a small price to pay for the convenience you get.

With this kind of home equity loans, your financial history is not going to be looked into during the loan application process. This option is suitable if you are using your inheritance as security for the loan or if the income from your business is not stable. You can also use it if you have a good credit history and your income is stable if you prefer to have some privacy.

When you are applying for the no doc home equity loan, you will only provide your name, social security number and details about the property. The lender usually gets the rest of the details without your help.

Positive Ways of Getting a Loan with no Employment Verification


Being out of work can be very stressful especially when you have bills to take care of. It is possible to get a loan legally without providing any form of employment verification.

An unemployed cash loan is a great option for such situations. This type of loan allows you to have access to some cash even if you are out of work. The amount of money you get when you apply for this loan will depend on your needs and the length of time you will be given to pay it back.

The money you apply for is available after 24 hours and this comes in handy during emergencies. Apart from the fact that your employment details are not required for this type of loan, your credit history is not taken into account when determining how much you get. The time given to repay the loan is determined by the time you expect to get employed.

Essential Requirements for Finance Management


Finance management involves planning the future of an individual or corporation to make sure cash flow is positive. The process also entails finding out risks involved and managing them.
For the individual level, finance managers tailor your expenses depending on your resources. If you have some surplus cash, you have to invest it to make up for the effects of inflation and taxation. Decisions made have to assist you to reach your financial goals.
For an organization, financial control and planning is essential for finance management. Financial planning will quantify the resources available and make appropriate plans on how and when to spend them. The financial control will ensure that the organization’s cash flow is monitored.

Financial reports are essential and they include income, cash and balance sheet statements. Critical financial decisions have to be made to determine the viability of investments. The various techniques used for asset and project valuations are also required.

Finding the best credit card offer to meet your needs


Every person has different need for the credit card. You must know what you require and what the repercussions are if you fail to pay back the debt on credit card. To be on a safer side check the following before getting a credit card:
• Check the bank that is offering the credit card. The credibility of the issuing bank is important for a getting a good credit card offer.
• Take the credit card that is suitable for your pocket. There is no requirement to go for the cards that have more credit limit if you don’t need it. It will unnecessary burden for you as you have to pay more fees for it.
• The billing cycle can help you to actually get the best deal. A low billing cycle will give you less credit period.
• Pay the bills on the due date to avoid the charges. Some banks charge very high on a defaulter. Check that before taking a credit card.