5 Reasons why women are hardly any better investors than men


Though it may sound cliché yet many researches have shown that women may be little better investors than men. But overall it shows that women fail as much as men in investment.
1. Women have no long term investment goals most of the times so they invest in such a way that they don’t lose out much.
2. Safety of their investment is their first priority so they invest in gold or real estate more which have less chances of loss.
3. The pride of women will never let them own up to their wrong investment. They will blame every ne else but themselves for their investment failure. It is a women’s way of operating.
4. Women do better research and study before investing a single cent. This helps them to avoid losses.
5. Women don’t look for too much of gains so they don’t go into risk investment to earn quick bucks.

Distressed debt investing

When a company or a government entity is at default or is in the process of becoming bankrupt the new investors may buy the securities of that company.
Distressed debt investing is a way to get the maximum profit as the investors in the distressed securities try to restructure the debts of the old company and narrow its focus which ultimately results in profit.
If you hold or come to know that some companies are on the verge of bankruptcy buy those securities at lower prices. You are bound to get them cheaper as many people will sell their securities at lower costs to evade loss. Once you invest in these securities, wait patiently for some time before new investors take over the company.
More often than not you will find that you have struck gold as the value of these securities will increase certainly and you will gain a lot of profit.

Index Investing – finally made realistic and fun


Index investing such as in exchange trading funds (ETFs) are more realistic and fun than investing in mutual funds.
• ETFs are more liquid than mutual fund as they can be sold in the open markets. The moment you feel the markets are according to your liking or you need money then you can easily sell of the ETFs.
• They offer more transparency than mutual funds. You can track the index quote of ETF in the live market and track the performance easily.
• They offer more excitement and fun as you can see them in the live market and clearly monitor their ups and downs.
• The index investment has low management costs. It is on an average just about 0.49% compared to mutual funds which has a management cost of around 3%.
Index investing is thus both profitable and fun. It provides excitement and is realistic investment. Your investment portfolio must have a fair share of exchange traded funds in it