Analyze performance when investing in equities

Equity funds are the best and good method to make savings for individuals. When you go for selection of equity funds, you should have some basic information like analysis of performance.

Analyze and know the risks you will have to take and the returns that will be bought about by taking these risks. When selecting portfolio and checking your performance, know the consistency you have in terms of the performance you are achieving. If any of your risk tolerance is bringing you better returns, never feel that you are having a high performance because, this need not be the case always.

When to sell investments?

You should know how to act with equity funds and when to sell your investments, before you move to make financial earnings. You will not get any standard formula which will bring you a way to make earnings through selling investments.

Sell your investment when your investment plan calls for sales and never go beyond emotional reasons. Try to hold funds for a long period of time to make it a point that you know the condition of the fund well before you sell it. You can think of coming out of a fund if you feel that it fails to perform for a consistent period.